We Supply Major Brands of Mobile Phones and Tablets to retailers across South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa

Competitive Pricing

We offer pricing that is competitive and fair

We offer a full Turnkey solution's

From forecasting, marketing, delivery and reverse logistics we offer you a full solution for all your Mobile device requirements.

Flexible and Fast

We go out of our way to respond to queries immediately and aim to deliver the quickest turnaround times on orders.

Some Of The Brands We Offer

Frequently Asked Questions

Does 3G Mobile offer genuine stock?

Yes, we at 3G Mobile pride ourselves on offering genuine stock supplied by the OEM’s and do not import grey stock through other dubious channels

Can smaller businesses buy from 3G Mobile?

Yes. We sell and distribute to various stores throughout Africa.  No matter the size of your business we can supply and deliver to you premises.

What happens if a device is faulty - or an OBF

3G Mobile has a full reverse logistics department with authorized repair centres at all our major branches. Including South Africa, Namibia,and Botswana. We simply arrange to arrange collection and repair or replace an OBF (Out of Box Failure devices)



What about Quality Control

We consistently uphold strict quality standards and offer readily available stock. Our partners and clients are proud to be associated with our products and services.

Is 3G Mobile Authorized distibutors

3G Mobile has partnered with various OEM’s and have full distribution rights into South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. One of our major brands is Samsung.

Contact our sales department

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