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General Repairs & OBF Policy

A repair document is to be filled in by the client and sent back to us. We will then arrange collection of the unit. The client can also contact the 3G Mobile reverse logistics department (Please note that each branch of 3G Mobile has their own repair centers in each country)

Once the unit is received at 3G Mobile it will be booked into the system and sent for repairs department.

The repair process takes between 7 – 14 working days depending on the repair.

If there are parts needed for the repair, the repair could take up to 21 working days as parts are not always available.

Once repaired the unit is returned to 3G Mobile and sent back to the client.
The unit can be tested by 3G Mobile if requested by the client. Upon completion of the testing if there are no faults found, the unit will be sent back to the client.