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Repair Policy

  • Please note the repair turnaround time will be a lot faster if you take your faulty phone directly to the network or an authorised repair centre for your model phone for repairs. 3G Mobile will assist you with information on an authorised repair centre nearest to you if you provide us with your physical address.
  • Please be advised that 3G Mobile sends the faulty phone to the network or authorised repair centre on your behalf, the phone could take up to 21 working days with no feedback to 3G Mobile concerning your repair phone.
  • 3G Mobile is more than willing to assist with your faulty phone if you agree to the above.
  • A repair document is to be filled in by the client and sent back to us. We will then arrange collection of the unit. The client can also contact the 3G Mobile reverse logistics department on 087 405 6995.
  • Once the unit is received at 3G Mobile it will be booked into the system and sent for repairs. The repair process takes between 7 – 14 working days depending on the repair.
  • If there are parts needed for the repair, the repair could take up to 21 working days as parts are not always available.
  • Once repaired the unit is returned to 3G Mobile and sent back to the client.
  • The unit can be tested by 3G Mobile if requested by the client. Upon completion of the testing if there are no faults found, the unit will be sent back to the client.

Repair Procedure

Out of Box Failure (OBF)

An OBF is defined as a new handset that is faulty when first activated.

  • For a handset to be considered an out of box failure, 3G Mobile’s reverse logistics needs to have been notified within 7 days of purchasing the handset (an invoice will verify this).
  • The handset must have been supplied by 3G Mobile and the IMEI number on the box must match the IMEI number on the handset.
  • The handset when returned to 3G Mobile must come back with all the accessories, in the same condition as purchased, i.e. the box is not damaged, no physical damage to the handset, etc.
  • Please contact the reverse logistics team on (011) 608 0603 or email to confirm that the handset qualifies as an OBF.
  • A repair/OBF document will be sent to the client to be filled in. When we receive the completed documentation, a collection will be arranged for the unit to be brought back to 3G Mobile. The client can also log on to 3G Mobile’s website at and log the complaint on the website. Once the information is uploaded, 3G Mobile reverse logistics department will receive the information to assist.
  • The unit will then be tested and a verdict issued.
  • A fault description will be submitted on the OBF Validation Schedule. The OBF may be rejected by 3G Mobile if this fault may not be duplicated by the RIA.
  • If the fault is duplicated the unit will be replaced within 72 hours or depending on stock availability.

Handset Warranty

The following items are covered in the 12-month warranty for non-Samsung products and the 24-month warranty for Samsung products (please note that this is provided there is no physical damaged to any of the below

  • Software – related to manufacturing fault
  • Audio malfunctions: Reworking/replacement of any audio part or component i.e. speakers, mic, buzzer, IC, diaphragms, gaskets and flex
  • Keypad malfunctions: Reworking/replacement of keypad functionality related components or parts i.e. filter, dome‐sheets, connectors, flex and etc.
  • Charging malfunctions: Reworking/replacement of any part or component of the charging unit i.e. diodes, IC, DC jack and pins.
  • LCD malfunctions: Reworking/ replacement of unbroken LCD and related components and parts i.e. filters and connectors
  • Camera malfunctions: Reworking/replacement of camera or related components i.e. flash lights, IC, connectors and flex
  • Power on / off malfunctions: Reworking/replacement of any power related parts or components i.e. tact switches, battery contacts, LCD filters, PA, CPU and flash..
  • Volume control malfunctions: Reworking/replacement of any volume control parts or components i.e. volume buttons, tact switches, flex and and connectors.
  • Accessories: Replacement of faulty original accessories within three months from date of customer purchase. Please note Samsung accessories carry a 6-month warranty


Items not covered in the 12 or 24-month handset warranty

  • Physical damage.
  • Liquid damage.
  • Power surge (due to power cuts and  power coming back on).
  • Blacklisting.
  • Security code.
  • Factory reset done by client (as there is a chance this could be done incorrectly). Please note if 3G Mobile must do a factory reset on the unit to wipe passwords there is a R250 handling fee charge to the client.
  • Any damage as a result of previous repair before an authorised repair centre was appointed.
  • Any handset not purchased from 3G Mobile.
  • Physically damaged accessories.
  • Wear and tear.