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Online Payment Procedures

Follow the process below as laid out in our guide

STEP 1 Select payment link

Follow the process below as laid out in our guide

When you select the online payments link you will be directed to our online payment gateway company Virtual Card services (PTY)Ltd.

The first think to check is the URL bar will change colour and a lock will appear on the left, followed by the the SSL certificate information. You will see the below image in the URL bar followed by a string of characters, that tell VCS where you were directed from.


You will be presented with a form, where you will need to enter the Reference supplied to you by you consultant and the amount that needs to be paid.

the form looks similar to the one below. Enter Your Reference No. and Excess Amount Click on PAY



STEP 2 Enter Your Credit Card Details.

Once you click pay you are then directed to another screen as shown below.

Enter Your credit card details


Click on pay


STEP 3 Verify you account via 3D Secure (OTP)

the are 6  processes that happen here

  1. The payment gateway will request from your Bank the amount you entered in the begging of this transaction.
  2. The bank will authorize this amount and send you a OTP (one time PIN to your cell phone)
    Please note that the Cell Phone Number the bank has on record for your account will be issued the PIN.
  3. Check your SMS’s for the PIN number and enter it when required too.
  4. The bank will verify the PIN and identify you as being the card holder.
  5. A response is sent back to VCS with an approved or not approved result
    Please note Not-Approved can also mean that your account has not been setup for 3D Secure. If this is the case you can call you bank and have them enable the 3D secure on your account and card.
  6. If you transaction has been approved we will receive an immediate response from the bank as well as 3G Mobile that the transaction has been authorised.

Please Note That Funds can take a day to be transferred to our account and there may be a slight delay. 

What is 3D secure?

MasterCard/Visa – 3DSecure

3DSecure is a security protocol implemented by MasterCard/Visa International. The principle behind 3D Secure is that the system should authenticate the cardholder and therefore offer protection to the banks customers and their merchants.

3DSecure is a bank requirement for all eCommerce merchants and the bank registers the merchants with MasterCard/Visa International.

3DSecure is only active for card issued by MasterCard and Visa members. There are exclusions eg: business cards and private label cards. We have no indication as to when Amex and Diners will come on board.

Bank Security Information (what the bank will do)

The bank carries out their own security checks on transactions presented for authorisation and settlement. These include checks for lost cards, stolen cards, attempted fraud, hot cards etc. The verification, authorisation and settlement is handled between the merchants bank and the cardholders bank (and not by VCS).

Please note at no time does 3G Mobile have access to your credit card details. We simply receive an approved or not -approved response from VCS.