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Who pays the excess?

The excess is paid by the client receiving the handset.

Who do I contact if I am unhappy with the excess amount?

The excess is set by your insurance company. Any issues relating to the excess amount can be discussed with your insurance company.

Can I Upgrade or choose a different device?

Please feel free to ask the consultant that is working with your claim. They will aid you with upgrading or choosing different devices if it is available to you.

Do I have to pay excess before I get my device?

Yes, the funds for your excess payment need to reflect in 3G Mobile’s account before the phone can be released for delivery by the consultants.

How long will it take for my phone to be delivered?

Delivery will be made 24 to 48 hours after the excess funds reflect in our account. Delivery to central areas is within 24 hours and rural areas 48 hours.

Can I collect my handset from 3G Mobile?

We unfortunately don’t facilitate collections due to security reasons.

What number do I contact if I have a query regarding my phone being faulty?

Please contact our reverse logistics department on 087 405 6996 

If I take a phone that is priced lower than my authorised amount, does the difference cover my excess?

The excess is a set amount by the insurance company. It is payable regardless of the cost of the device taken.

Does my new handset have a warranty?

There is a 12-month warranty for non-Samsung devices. For Samsung devices there is a 24-month warranty. For more information on the warranty and repairs, please take a look at our Repair Procedure.