TRUSTED  – by all major Insurance Companies





Approved Agents

3G Mobile are approved replacement agents for most major insurance companies. We have strong relationships with out clients


Full Warrantys

All devices supplied by 3G Mobile carry the full manufactures warranties,  are genuine local stock, and ICASA certified

Clear Communication

We keep you informed and up to date on your claim process. Our agents will contact you by phone, email or SMS.

Timely Delivery

We pride ourselves on speed of service. We carry a large variety of mobiles and can deliver in record time.

 Replacement Procedure


  • A consultant will make contact telephonically to discuss the authorized replacement and to retrieve the clients email address.
  • The consultant will send the client an email. The email will contain our Banking details as well as our Delivery and repair procedures.
  • If there is excess payable, the client will be required to make the payment to the banking details provided on the Banking Process PDF document in the email sent by the consultant.
  • Once the consultant receives a proof of payment and the payment reflects in 3G Mobile’s account, the consultant will make contact again to ask the client for a delivery address and phone colour choice (if applicable).
  • Once the consultants receive a delivery address they will organize for the handset to be delivered. The consultant will send the client the tracking number for the handset on email. Delivery will be made 24 to 48 hours after the excess funds reflect in our account.

Excess Payments

  • Payment of the excess can be made either via Electronic transfers, bank transfers or a credit card payment which can be done by following the link below
  • We do not accept cash on delivery as we make use of a courier company.
  • We don’t accept cheques.
  • Our banking details can be found under the Banking Procedure PDF document in the email sent by the consultant.
    Please ensure you use your claim number and surname as your reference when making payment. This will assist us in processing your order
  • Please send  your proof of payment to

*You will need your reference number and excess amount to make an online payment – Your consultant will provide this.

Need help with the payment gateway?  Click Here

Delivery Procedure

  • Deliveries take place Monday to Friday form 8:00am to 5:00pm.
  • Deliveries are not done on weekends or on public holidays.
  • Please expect delivery delays on outlying areas, high risk areas and townships as our courier company does not service those areas every day.
  • Please ensure that you provide a valid delivery address to ensure that delivery is made on time. If delivery is at your work address, please provide the company’s details.
  • Kindly note that 3G Mobile does not facilitate collections due to security reasons.