3G Mobile supplies and distributes mobile phones and tablets to major retailers across South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa and has become one of the continent’s leading distributors. Our expertise in emerging markets, strong partner relationships and service-delivery focus has earned us several awards and accolades.

3G Mobile Sales

3G Mobile offers competitive pricing and readily available stock on leading brands. Our sales division has a customer-centric approach and is focused on world-class service delivery. We aim for immediate response to customers’ queries and the fastest turnaround times. 3G Mobile also invests in the latest technology to enable real-time monitoring and tracking of orders.

Reverse Logistics & Repairs

3G Mobile offers a full reverse logistics and repair solution. We collect faulty devices or out-the-box failures and ensure they are repaired or replaced according to original equipment manufacturer standards. The reverse logistics division has a dedicated team contingent and can be contacted directly our dedicated hunt line Tel: +27 087 405 6995


To be the leading handset distributor in Sub-Saharan Africa.

We are competitive

We offer pricing that is competitive and fair.

We are world-class

We consistently uphold strict quality standards and offer readily available stock. Our partners and clients are proud to be associated with our products and services.

We are customer-centric

We customise our product and service solutions to suit our client and partner needs.

We are flexible and quick

We go out of our way to respond to queries immediately and aim to deliver the quickest turnaround times on orders as well as repairs and replacements.

We are passionate

We have an entrepreneurial spirit and are driven to be the best. We work hard to grow the success of our business and all our stakeholders.

We are the preferred partner

We partner with our clients and see ourselves as an extension of their businesses. The more efficient we are and the more we deliver on our values, the more value our clients can give to their customers.